Hotline operates: 9 am - 6 pm Kyiv time



Hotline operates: 9 am - 6 pm Kyiv time



Help 1000 Ukrainiansbuild mental strengthat the time of the war

Free psychotherapy sessions for: ● Parents, who lost their baby during pregnancy, birth or shortly after birth;● Ukrainians, who experienced a loss during the war: of beloved or of their home;● Ukrainians, whose beloved are in the war zone or in occupation;● Ukrainian, who survived occupation;● For volunteers.

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My Pillar

At Angel`s Care we know from personal experience, how damaging loss can be to one`s life. But also, we know how healing support can be. Because of the war, many Ukrainians experience multidimensional loss: of beloved, home, job, identity, the safe sky above their head, the peace, the ability to be close to their families ...
That's why at Angel`s Care we initiated "My Pillar" support line, which will provide free psychological support to people, who experience loss or volunteer during the war. To help build internal strength, make decisions in times of uncertainty and go through devastating life events with support. To help heal the invisible wounds of psychological trauma caused by the war.

Our aim

Provide information on mental health during the war and coping strategies for over

350 000 Ukrainians monthly

Provide free mental health support sessions with psychotherapists to

1000 Ukrainians affected by war

Employ Ukrainian professionals, who lost their jobs and were displaced due to the war

60% of project expenses

Why it is important?

The whole Ukrainian nation is going through devastating times, and each of us got affected by the war. Each has its own, unique story, and own losses. 

We need strength to walk this journey,We need support to deal with challenges on the way and be able to make decisions,We need help, to go through the painful times and find the internal strength to nurture life even when there is a war. "My Pillar" was created to empower Ukrainians, who undergo the hardest times of their lives.

Чому це важливо

Our team and professionals

Our team: specifically for "My Pillar" we employed Angel`s Care volunteers, who lost their main jobs and were displaced due to the war. By providing jobs to displaced people, we provide some stability and empowerment, when everything else goes wrong. 
Our professionals: we engaged with over 10 highly skilled psychotherapists, who work in trauma therapy and crisis therapy and have experience working with people, who had a perinatal loss or were affected by war. We have the capacity to extend our professionals pool significantly.  

How Ukrainians can get support:

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can support internal strength of Ukrainians

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